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After the Reagan landslide, Carmichael accepts the opportunity to move to the United Kingdom to conduct multidisciplinary research in London, Cambridge and Oxford where he studied with William Needham, Alastair Crombie, Conrad Joesten, Andrew Sherratt, Alfred Beeston and Wilferd Madelung. In addition to reading at the British Museum and the Bodleian Library, Carmichael worked in

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Working with local organizations in Raleigh and Charlotte, Carmichael helps raise funds for the restoration of Estey Hall, the oldest American building for the higher education of black women, and urges modernizations in the laws protecting historic neighborhoods and their architecture.

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Working as a Deputy Campaign Manager for Media Production, Carmichael served in the mayoral campaign of John Belk who faced strong opposition in the runoff from a candidate publicly backed by the KKK.

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